VISIR-2: both preprint and source code published

Today, a manuscript detailing the comprehensive documentation of the Python-coded VISIR-2 ship routing model has been released.

VISIR-2, an open-source model, is designed to calculate least-CO2 routes in the presence of waves and currents. Additionally, it determines least-time routes for sailboats, considering both currents and leeway. This modular, Python-coded system has been validated and is notably ten times faster than its predecessor, VISIR-1, in computing optimal paths.

The source code for VISIR-2, accompanied by multiple input datasets, has been made publicly available on Zenodo.

The manuscript now embarks on its academic journey, inviting official reviewers and the wider scientific community to contribute their critical assessments and feedback. This is made possible through the innovative open-review process facilitated by Copernicus Publications.

A video showcasing one-year least-CO2 optimal routes computed using VISIR-2 is accessible here. Additionally, a corresponding video featuring optimal routes for a sailboat can be found here.

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