VISIR and AIS presentation wins the best presentation award at TransNav2019

The presentation “Preliminary Inter-comparison of AIS Data and Optimal Ship Tracks” by G.Mannarini, L.Carelli, D.Zissis, G.Spiliopoulos, and K.Chatzikokolakis has received the best presentation award at TransNav2019, the 13th International Conference on marine navigation and safety of sea transportation (Gdynia, Poland, June 12-14 2019).

The prize was awarded by Prof. Adam Weintrit of the Gdynia Maritime University and the winning presentation was selected among more than 100 oral presentations given at the conference.

In the presentation, optimal ship tracks computed via the VISIR model are compared to tracks recorded by the Automatic Identification System (AIS). The evaluation regards 43 tracks in the Southern Atlantic Ocean, sailed during 2016-2017 by different bulk carriers. Resulting VISIR tracks are analyzed along with AIS tracks in terms of their topological features and duration.  The distribution of AIS to VISIR track durations is analyzed in terms of several parameters, such as the AIS to VISIR track length and their Fréchet distance. Model features of VISIR affecting the results are discussed and future developments suggested by the results are outlined. Find more information in related paper.

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